Impiger Lunch Seminar On AI Chatbots For Customer Service – 29th Mar 2018

We had another full house for our encore ‘Lunch & Learn’ session about ‘Chatbots for Customer Service’ at our office
in Richardson, Texas. We had a great group of people. There were plenty of strong use cases for Chatbots across the
board and some really good discussions about when it makes sense to deploy Chatbots in an organization. Even with
all the diverse requirements, one thing was for sure, as a complement to human customer service, Chatbots combined
with traditional support can help provide a level of service customers are demanding.

Watch our on-demand webinar on “AI Chatbots for Customer Service”

Hot technologies always seem to grow at a fast pace, but we’ve never seen anything grow like Chatbot implementations
have in the last 12 months. There is one reason for this, Chatbots are filling a gap and they work, but you have to
be smart in how you implement them.

We talked at length about how to evaluate use cases, how to get started and how to measure success. The day ended
with a group of appreciative people that were happy they spent the time with us. We look forward to continuing these
types of thought leadership session in the future.

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